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Posted by Bob Liddle on August 3, 2016 in Koozies |

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Raleigh T-shirt printer

Posted by Bob Liddle on December 18, 2015 in Koozies |

Raleigh is a great town, and Raleigh has a great t-shirt printer.  The website is and the specialty is printing t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and any screen printed item.

Raleigh Shirt Printer is a branding notion of an existing company that has been screen printing for 18 years.

Customers can rely on a very experienced production manager, operations manager and a graphic artist staff that is extremely helpful.

You can come into their show room at:

Raleigh Shirt Printer
3125 Gresham Lake Road, Suite 104
Raleigh, NC  27615(919) 261-6628

At the show room, you can touch and feel all the shirts, hoodies and sweat shirts.  It is nice to know what you are going to be able to order.

The staff will consult with you on the best way to print your item.  You may want the extremely popular screen printing, or you may want to go with full color sublimation for a multi colored logo or a photograph.

The company has a minimum order of one, and can do thousands.  Turnaround for less than 100 shirts is usually around a week for one or two color print.  Rush service is offered.

Repeat orders get a very nice discount on screen charge, and can save quite a bit of money.

At Raleigh Shirt printer you can print your design on multiple items in the same run.  You can print t-shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts, polo shirts all at the same time, without any extra charges.

The prices are extremely reasonable, and Raleigh Shirt Printer works with great with companies to try and reduce their costs.

Raleigh Shirt Printer does a lot of work with non-profits, schools, landscapers, electricians, bars, restaurants, plumbers and realty companies.

We are sure you will be happy with the quality and the service you receive at Raleigh Shirt Printer.  Come on in and check it out.  You will be a customer for life.





Cheap Beer Koozies

Posted by Bob Liddle on February 6, 2013 in Koozies |

Definitely it is fun to have cheap beer koozies.  Fun to use, fun to personalize, fun to have around, and pretty useful.  They keep your drink cold, while promoting your product or just making a party a better event.

There are hundreds of colors, styles and designs you can use.

Perfect for wedding favors, reunions, birthday parties, holiday events, camping trips, fraternity and sorority socials, tailgating.  The opportunities are endless.

Wonderful times are possible when you have a cool can cooler around.


We have seen koozies done for just about any event you could think of, including funerals!!


Koozies – cool to have

Posted by Bob Liddle on July 27, 2011 in Koozies |

It is the middle of summer, and it is hot, hot, hot outside.  That makes it a perfect time to get some koozies.  You can order here to make sure you get great koozies at a great price.  Minimum order of one dozen.  Super cool to have and keeping drinks cool and hands comfortable for many years.

Improve your life – (not koozie related)

Posted by Bob Liddle on March 16, 2011 in Koozies |

Link your calendar via Google calendar to your spouses calendar.  That is such a great thing to have.  It accomplishes a number of items.

1.  If you are a guy, you always know what is going on with your life.

2.  Your spouse always knows what is going on with your schedule so they can schedule accordingly.

3.  Your Google calendar can be synced with your phone and your pc/mac, so when you make changes to your calendar it shows up everywhere.

Truly this has been a timesaver.  I don’t know how many times I had no idea of an event going on in my life, that I found out via our linked calendars.  Now, I act as if I knew it all along.

Top three things to be more effective

Posted by Bob Liddle on January 20, 2010 in Koozies |

Hello People

As we look at 2010 and think about “sharpening our saw”  remember that?  I wanted to share the three things I have done to be more productive and why.  Not necessarily in order.

1.  Get a Mac.
Why?  It simply works,  As much as I enjoyed Jeff Whites expertise and courteous service, the Mac works, the only time you turn it off is to install an update which only makes it run better.  I close the cover to leave the office, open it at a meeting and it is on instantly with all 18 of my open programs on and where I was when I closed it.  That saves me 15 minutes plus a day.  Downside?  I am slightly more obnoxious.

2.  Second Monitor
Why?  Much quicker to have 2 monitors on your desk.  I actually pay for the monitor for my VA’s, as I think you are about 30% faster with it.  Alt Tab is fast, this is faster, especially if you have to do any copy/paste functions.  Pays for itself in a week.  If you’ve had one it is hard to work without one.  I am this close to hooking up a third monitor, but think I may get called a geek.  and that would kind of hurt.

3.  1Password Program,
Why?  OMG,  this is for the Mac, I think Roboform is the PC equivalent,  This sets an icon in your Firefox header, and whenever you need to login in a webpage it logins for you.  Username and Password.  Safely and Securely.  When you set up a new one, it asks if you want to save it.  I have 126 combo’s saved on this.  It will also generate passwords, safely store your credit card info,   $39.00, but I love this little program, wish I had gotten it years ago.

Thats it Merry Christmas!

0 launched

Posted by Bob Liddle on January 10, 2010 in Koozies |

Raleigh Press Release Service is launched and going well.  Customers are getting great results.


Adventures in Social Media on itunes

Posted by Bob Liddle on September 11, 2009 in Koozies |

Our Show Adventures in Social Media is now on itunes.  You can subscribe.  How cool is that.


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